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Hello Residents!

We're glad you're here. The fact that you're reading this message is a great sign that you're ready to make a positive change in the way you rent properties. As a resident you’ve been through it all, days without hot water or with a leaky sink, not knowing what’s happening with the plumber or other issues in the building. You call your landlord, Board or property manager but they aren't aware of the plumber's status and take a long time to get back to you. Delivery notices seem to go missing and you're frustrated with the lack of communication. You knew there had to be an easier way. And now, there is.

Say hello to @Assist.



What is @Assist?
What is @Assist?

That's easy! @Assist is a cloud-based property management system.

Every property is a community that includes managers, board members, owners, residents and contractors. @Assist brings the entire community online with a secure account where individuals can communicate and engage 24/7. Accessible from a computer, mobile phone or tablet, @Assist has a variety of innovative features that will transform the way properties are managed and help strengthen relationships.

Does size matter?

Size doesn't matter... to us at least!

We assist property managers of all sizes. Whether they’re just starting or are a large corporation with hundreds or even thousands of properties, @Assist will organize their business into a single account with multiple levels of access making their business more efficient and more profitable.

Who is @Assist for?

Click on each icon to find out!

  • Residents who want to be informed of what is happening in their building and/or unit.

  • Residents who want simple yet consistent communication with their landlord or property manager.

  • Residents who want access to forms and their information online.

  • Residents who want to feel secure and safe knowing their emergency is being handled properly.

  • Residents who want the ability to check the progress of service requests.

  • Residents who want to build and maintain a positive relationship with their landlord or property manager.

Who is Greg?

This is Greg.

He’s a resident at a large building. Greg was angry when his car was towed last week because he didn't get the notice about repaving the parking lot. Greg discovered @Assist and proposed it to his landlord/property manager who thought it was great and beneficial to all of them. Greg never misses a moment since notices are now sent electronically. He also loves how @Assist records and stores all of his payments online so he can to refer back to them at anytime.


What does Greg love about @Assist?

Electronic Notices

Never miss a moment with our electronic notices. Your landlord/property manager can create or update a notice and send it via text or a voice recorded call to your landline. When you create your @Assist tenant profile you can choose the method that works best for you.

Easy Communication

@Assist's built-in messaging system is the perfect email replacement. Store all of your emails in one location and quickly browse and search through conversations you've had with your landlord or your property manager.

Service Requests

Send service requests through @Assist and check on the status. Your landlord/property manager will receive an alert that you've created the request and assign a contractor. The contractor can login and add notes to keep everyone informed of the progress.


Pay your rent and fees on time every time. Your landlord or property manager can set recurring billables such as rent, parking or operational costs and you’ll be notified with a reminder when payments due. You can also view and track your payment history at anytime.


Eliminate the wait! Landlords and property managers can upload important documents/ forms such as pet forms to the entire building or specific documents to individual units such as leases. You can view and download these forms right away and send back a signed copy as an attachment via @Assist’s messaging system.

Emergency Service Requests

Send emergency requests without having to login in to @Assist. Our system recognizes you from your phone number to help reduce stress in panicked situations. The phone number is associated to the unit details you inputted when you created your @Assist resident profile.

  • Click to View Full Feature List
    • Accountability: Every interaction is recorded and stored online should you, a resident, owner, staff, board member or contractor need to review it at a later time.
    • Bank Accounts: Add and name each bank account, select a currency, enter your starting balance and date. Each transaction will automatically update your running account balance.
    • Board Members: View and manage condominium board members and member specific documents. Use the messaging system to create two-way communication between you and the board.
    • Contractors and Maintenance Workers: Upload your personal list of preferred contractors to have on file to assign instantly to service requests.
    • Dashboard: See upcoming alerts, overdue accounts, service requests, unread emails, your account information in a personal productivity report.
    • Digital Filing Cabinet: Digitize your properties, leases, service requests, residents, staff and finances. Everything is recorded and stored online and easy to search for in a pinch.
    • Documents: Eliminate the wait and hassle of sending resident documents. Upload documents to an entire property or specific unit.
    • Duplicate Service Requests: If you've done it once there's no need to do it again! Duplicate service and maintenance requests by simply clicking the "copy" button and the request creates itself.
    • Easy-Breezy Reports: Generate, export and print reports regarding your properties, leases, residents and financials and they’re ready to send to your accountant, attend a board meeting or export to your accounting software.
    • Easy Communication: @Assist's built-in messaging system is the perfect email replacement. Store all of your messages in one location and quickly browse and search through conversations you've had with owners, residents and board members.
    • Electronic Notices: Save time and money by sending your notices electronically. Create or update a notice and send it via SMS or a voice recorded call. You can choose to send notices to an entire property or to a specific unit.
    • Emergency Service Requests: Give your residents peace of mind by handling emergency requests instantly. They don't even need to login to @Assist, our system recognizes residents from their phone number.
    • Free Communication Credits: Get 100 free SMS/voice notifications on account signup. Buy additional credits only when you need them!
    • Free User Accounts: Add additional staff members for free and assign them access to just the properties they need to see. Your residents will also have their own free accounts with access to their specific unit.
    • Go Paperless: Become more eco-friendly by storing documents and files online and reduce your paperwork.
    • Instant Access: Start using @Assist immediately after signing up. Best of all it’s mobile-friendly so you can access your account anytime and anywhere.
    • Lease Dates: Add leases to your property details to easily track lease start and end dates.
    • Marketing: Use @Assist to market that your properties come with a valuable management system.
    • Message Attachments: Attach photos and documents to messages while communicating with residents, board members and contractors.
    • Multilingual: @Assist can be used in over 80 languages.
    • Multiple Message Recipients: Send a message to multiple recipients at once to save time.
    • Online Community: @Assist creates an online community between the real estate management company and/or manager, property owner, residents, board members and maintenance workers with 24/7 access to all parties.
    • Overdue Accounts: View a list of overdue accounts so you can follow-up with residents who still owe money.
    • Pay as you Grow: Grow with @Assist as you add new clients and properties, paying for just what you need.
    • Payments: Track payment history and send reminders to residents when fees are due.
    • Properties: View and manage all of your properties with one account. Update details, manage residents and review important property information.
    • Property Admins: Add users with this special view-only access to a property. They cannot edit or make changes but can see all relevant information associated to the property. Perfect for clients!
    • Property Photos: Upload multiple pictures of properties and units.
    • Quick Search: Search easily and quickly using keywords, names or subject with our quick search feature.
    • Quotes: Request quotes from multiple contractors before you assign one to a service request.
    • Read Receipts: View when a message has been read and by who.
    • Recurring Billables: Set billables such as rent, parking or operational costs at the frequency you want, even if it's only one time. No more hounding residents as they'll be reminded when they have an amount owing. Just set it and forget it!
    • Resident Access: Get to know your residents. Each unit is given a free @Assist resident profile where they can update their details and contact information associated with their unit.
    • Resident Relations: Build strong relationships from the start with @Assist so your new residents will feel instantly connected to you and their new home.
    • Resident Statements: Residents can check their account balance and see a complete breakdown of their statements at any time. Incoming payments received will be applied to your finances and your bank account balance will be updated immediately.
    • Service Requests: Owners and residents are able to send service requests through @Assist. You'll be able to assign a contractor from your preferred list. The contractor can login and add notes to keep everyone informed of the progress.
    • Service Request Expenses: Add expenses from closed service requests and they'll automatically be updated in your financials.
    • Simple Financials: Add bank accounts and enter income and expenses in multiple currencies. View bank account balances as well as a real-time view of company profitability and overdue accounts. Export and print financials easily for any period.
    • Smooth Transition: Stop worrying about what will happen if your employee decides to leave, even if it’s just for vacation because with @Assist you’ll see up-to-the-moment details so you can pick-up where they left off for a smooth transition.
    • Support: @Assist offers various methods of support to you and your online community.

Why the cloud?


  • Multiple difficult downloads
  • Multiple installations especially if there are multiple users
  • Adding additional features are expensive
  • Limited support
  • Does not grow with your business
  • Only accessible from specific devices where it's been installed
  • If you experience a system crash your data is lost

  • No downloads
  • Nothing to install
  • Additional features are added for FREE
  • Excellent support
  • Does grow with your business
  • Accessible from any device via a username and password
  • Data is backed up and safe

How does @Assist compare?


  • No start-up fees
  • Easy to use, no training required
  • Updates are frequent and automatic
  • Can be used by any size of company
  • Can be used with multiple properties of different types
  • Can be used by Building Developers
  • Contractors have access via their own user accounts
  • Residents can log in
  • Add additional users with multiple levels of access for FREE!
The Other Guys

  • Expensive Start-up Fees
  • Training required
  • Upgrades are yearly and difficult to install
  • Built for large companies only
  • Built for specific property types
  • Cannot be used by Building Developers
  • Contractors don't have access
  • Residents cannot log in
  • Adding additional users/licenses is expensive

Can @Assist be used long-term?

No matter what the goals are, @Assist will assist in achieving success.

By using @Assist your property manager is committing to enhancing the quality of care and life in your property. Our unique system is designed to assist, simplify and prioritize daily tasks so your manager can focus on strengthening relationships within your community. And it’s a great way for them to attract more clients (like yourself) too!

So, how much does it cost?

@Assist's pricing is based on number of units (doors) you manage. If you manage multiple properties, simply add up the units you manage in each. All of your properties will be stored in one easy account! And you can add more units to your account at any time.

Select (slide or click) how many units you manage below and lock in your price now!

Manage Units with @Assist for just /month!


Prices shown are in USD. Canadian customers will have GST/HST added to their total upon checkout.