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Building People-First Solutions

@Assist’s people-first approach to software solutions gives users the freedom to work when and where they want; and provide all the necessary tools and analyses needed for better communication, collaboration, efficiency, and productivity. From properties and workflows, to smart cities, our management tools create a better sense of community.


@Assist Solutions

Manage your business, staff and clients, all in one convenient location.

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Smart City Management

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@Assist Sugu provides property and real estate managers, landlords, and condo owners the ability to work on the go. Whether they are inspecting a property, visiting a tenant or attending a board meeting, they can login to see real-time updates, send notices, track service requests or run reports. Learn more about how Sugu makes managing property portfolios of any size easy and strengthens tenant relationships.

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@Assist Toki allows small to large business professionals, accountants and bookkeepers to view client details and messages, assign tasks and different levels of staff access, and keep track of progress to ensure deadlines are never missed. Within seconds they get a comprehensive understanding of how well they’re performing overall and where they can make improvements. Learn more about how Toki increases productivity and efficiency.

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@Assist Tomo gives government officials and residents superior control and transparency of the data and technology being used in smart cities. This powerful ICT product is a vital connection to IoT devices and smart infrastructure. Tomo takes all the individual smart elements and brings them together for optimal communication and performance. Through AI and machine learning, Tomo helps cities make smarter decisions. Learn more about how Tomo can improve current and developing smart cities.

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@Assist Solutions Are:

@Assist - Building People-First Solutons
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    User Friendly

    We don’t use any jargon, you don’t have to be a tech wizard and you don’t need anything else other than a device that can connect to WIFI or data to use @Assist.

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    @Assist encrypts all information just like your bank to ensure every interaction is recorded and safely secured and stored on Canadian servers.

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    We make business tools accessible to everyone, no matter the size of their company.

“What makes a tool easy to use is not an extended list of features, but rather in how it promotes collaboration among a team with varying levels of industry knowledge.”
Audrey Charles
@Assist Founder & CEO

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2018年、17の国連持続可能な開発目標(SDG)の1つ以上と整合する、持続可能性に焦点を当てたスタートアップを認識することを目的に、スペインで開催された世界初のデセレラレータ(アクセラレータの反対)、メノルカミレニアルズ(現在はデセレラ)に参加しました。その後、Tomoは東京の日本支社を拡大し、カナダ大使館との「Alberta Smart Cities Trade and Investment Attraction Mission(アルバータスマートシティ貿易投資誘致ミッション)」に参加し、ベトナム、台湾、日本での新しいビジネスチャンスを模索し、2019年に「Smart City Summit & Expo」と「Japan IT Week Spring Part 2」に出展しました。





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