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Personalized Dashboard

Personalized Dashboard

Get your personalized real-time productivity report on how well your business is doing and where you can improve.

Manage Multiple Properties

Manage Multiple Properties

Manage residential, commercial and condominium properties all from one account!

Personalized Dashboard

Property Information at your Fingertips

Add notes, images and upload documents to your properties and units and give your residents and staff access to just what they need to see.

Resident Access

Resident Access

Residents can login to see how much they owe, update their contact details, send you a message, create a service request, download documents and view important notices.

Service Requests
Create Service Requests

Manage Service Requests

Receive and create service requests and quickly assign them to a contractor or maintenance person (they have their own account too!).

Personalized Dashboard

Always Know What's Happening

Track work progress, view and update notes, add expenses and prioritize requests based on urgency.

Easy-Peasy Accounting

Easy-Peasy Accounting

Add bank accounts, categories, currencies and starting balances. Plus, track and manage income and expenses.

Personalized Dashboard

Know Who Owes you at a Glance

Quickly view a list of overdue accounts from all of your properties.

One Step Communication

One Step Communication

Email residents, board members, contractors and staff. Also send emergency notices by SMS or as an automated voice call.

Digital Filing Cabinet

Digital Filing Cabinet

Upload documents, files and forms for an entire property, specific unit or to your Board.

Lots and lots of Reports

Lots and Lots of Reports

Create reports from your residents, properties, leases, service requests and finances. Your data can be easily exported in various file formats to work with accounting software or other software solutions.

Financial Reports Every Accountant Will Love

Financial Reports Every Accountant Will Love

Generate and print reports in regards to your properties and financials. Quick search for specific keywords.

Using @Assist: A Day in the Life

This video shows how cloud-based solutions like @Assist are changing the way we manage properties. See how applying a solution like @Assist can make you and your company or building more efficient, organized and profitable.

"Using @Assist: A Day in the Life" is a video reboot of our presentation at the Alberta Condominium and Real Estate Conference in 2016. It gives an overview of what the cloud is and how it helps businesses as well as a comprehensive view into @Assist's features and services to highlight how @Assist assists anyone who manages properties.

The Old Way

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The New Way

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Manage mulitple properties, residents and currencies
all in one account.

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  • "@Assist has allowed us to communicate with all parties at a moment’s notice. All stakeholders are on the same page when it comes to messages and access. @Assist is a true blessing for Real Estate Investors."

    Colleen, Real Estate Investor/Real Estate Agent
  • "@Assist is extremely easy-to-use with an intuitive interface that allows a user of any skill level to feel at ease."

    Ingrid, Commercial Property Manager
  • "Through our partnership with @Assist we have been able to attract more clients who have been extremely vocal in their praise of @Assist."

    Elena, Bookkeeper/Partner

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