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Why Toki is so Fangtastic

Toki is a secure online workflow management and accounting system that provides you with tools you need to increase productivity and revenue, collaborate with your team and reduce time and money spent on admin tasks.

Enhance and oversee your business’s daily operations by managing your clients, team members, time, invoices, tasks, reports, files, expenses, finances, payments and more.

How Toki Simplifies Bookcreeping


Update client books, adjust balances and statements, automatically reconcile bank accounts, add income and expenses, send invoices and record payments. As well, you're able to run various reports to always have an updated understanding of business growth and potential. No more spreadsheets or complicated software jargon.


Respond quickly and clearly communicate with clients and your team to build trust and transparency, a credible reputation and foster better client relations. No more missed emails or miscommunication since you’re able to record and store every interaction in Toki.


Organize projects by priority to ensure deadlines are met and keep all documents and conversations in one location to refer to when needed to save time. Plus, clock-in and out of tasks to apply precise time tracking for accurate client billing. No more external searches or sticky notes as reminders.


Conveniently and cohesively collaborate with team members on tasks and projects, regardless of their location. Directly upload files, schedule meetings and set alerts to notify team members of important dates. No more sifting through piles of paperwork or phone calls for clarification, Toki accelerates team productivity.

Features Coming Soon: Payroll, Quotes and Recurring Invoices!

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