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5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Accounting Software We’re well into the digital age. So why is so much accounting still in paper form? Keeping track of individual files, receipts, invoices and payroll documents is frustrating. Which is why more and more accountants and bookkeepers are turning to ...
What's The Difference Between Bookkeeping and Accounting? If someone asked you the difference between bookkeeping and accounting, would you know how to answer them? Don't worry if not - you will by the end of this article!
11 Essential Tips to Start Your Summer Property Maintenance Summer is coming and spring is here already. Which makes it the perfect time to do a little property maintenance! After the wear and tear of winter - with its icy winds, snowy blizzards and freezing rain - your property ...
How Big Data Shapes Smart Cities Smart cities rely on big data. It's the driver behind all existing smart city initiatives and the hidden key to creating new ones.
Canadian Startup Heads to Spain for World's First Decelerator We're excited to share our biggest news yet! @Assist Tomo has been inducted into "the world's first startup decelerator." (Yes, you read that right. We'll explain what a decelerator is in a minute.) It's an honour to have been selected ...
5 Skills Every Landlord Should Have Are you currently a landlord or thinking about becoming one? There are certain skills you’ll need to have to keep your vacancy rate low and your tenant retention high. (Property managers, you’ll find these useful too!)
New Infographic: Deliver Notices Like a Winner Remember our "Deliver Notices Like a Winner" video? Well, it's now even more shareable. These infographics show how @Assist Sugu has made delivering notices a whole lot awesomer. Our easy-to-use messaging system makes email look like snail mail. Your tenants ...
How to Attract Millennial Renters and Why you Want To Millennials are the largest generation since the Baby Boomers (there are 92 million of them, to be precise). And they prefer to rent rather than buy - which is great news for landlords, property owners and property managers. So it ...

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