Tokyo Whitepaper - English

Published October 22, 2019
Last Edited October 22, 2019

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Using Tomo With Smart City Projects in Tokyo

With a branch office in Tokyo, Japan, the vibrant city of Tokyo is our second home. With more than 14 million people living and working there and challenges such as the aging population, overcrowding, transportation, real estate management and increasing foreigner population (especially since they'll be hosting the 2020 Olympics), smart city and smart community projects have been a necessity for years. This gorgeous in-depth whitepaper explores how Tomo plus Tokyo equals raburabu and how our approach to interconnectivity between people and technology could greatly impact Japan's commitment to sustainability.

Table of Contents

What is a Smart City?
Why Smart Cities Need a People-First Mentality
How Big Data Shapes Smart Cities
Protecting Smart Cities from Cyber Security Threats
What is Tomo?
How Tomo Works
How Tomo Connects
How Tomo Handles and Protects Data
Real Estate Management
5 Ways Tokyo Is Leading the Charge on Smart Cities
4 Reasons Real Estate Management Is Vitally Important in Japan
Case Study: Water Management
Case Study: Waste Management
Case Study: Aging Population
Case Study: Emergency Management
Case Study: Transportation Management
Case Study: Train Management
Case Study: Real Estate Management
Case Study: University Management
Case Study: Parking Management
Case Study: Food Waste
Tomo's Business Model
Why you Should Partner with Tomo

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