@Assist's Awesome Advent Calendar

As a fun way to wrap up the end of the year we thought we'd share our best tips, articles and videos to help you finish 2017 on a strong note. Check back each day to see what's new. There might be a few surprises in here too!


Day 1

It's the first day of Decem-burrr, days are shorter and nights are colder. As you gather with family and friends drinking eggnog while getting cozy around the fire it’s a good time to pause and think, when was the last time you cleaned or inspected your fireplace? If you can't remember you’ll probably want to do it sooner than later. If safety reasons aren’t enough motivation, perhaps the fact you could be losing precious hot air you paid for will be. We've compiled 17 tips to help you save on your heating bill. It's a great starting point to reduce costs and most of these tips can be done yourself or by your trusted handyman. You can even start today.


Sorry, no peeking before tomorrow!