Startup Grind Global Conference - A Year Later

Startup Grind Global Conference - A Year Later

This time last year the @Assist Team was preparing to pitch at Startup Grind's Global Conference. Up until that event, @Assist was known as an all-in-one property management & accounting solution with a kick-bottom platform, marketing and branding. By making it into the Top 50 we had the opportunity to speak at Startup Grind's Global Conference powered by Google in Silicon Valley. We took the stage to chat about our digital platform and how it's changing the way property managers, owners and landlords manage residents, financials and industry challenges. We decreased the need for alternative programs, stacks of paperwork, spreadsheets, email and documents to help individuals manage their properties and business properly and efficiently with one easy to follow flow. If you missed it, you can read about our entire journey here

So, where are we now?

A lot has happened since our plucky team piled into a car for 3 days and drove from Canada to San Francisco. 2017 was a HUGE year for @Assist as we were busy planning, expanding and executing new business ideas.

Here's a quick look at our year:

February 2017: We spoke and exhibited at Startup Grind in the Top 50.

April 2017: We went to Japan to expand our international reach.

July 2017: We soft-launched @Assist Toki - a new workflow management & accounting system.

September 2017: We launched @Assist Tomo, an ICT solution for smart cities derived from the newly coined @Assist Sugu.

September 2017: Tomo made the Top 3 for the 2017 Startup Jerusalem Competition.

December 2017: We fully launched Toki!

December 2017: We launched @Assist as an all-in-one solutions company.

January/February 2018: Our team doubled in size!


Did @Assist bring on an investor?

Nope! While we have been receiving a considerable amount of attention from the investment community,  @Assist is still 100% bootstrapped goodness with a sweet candy center. This means we can focus on bringing the awesome to our customers and make things we absolutely love.

The @Assist Team worked incredibly hard to make all this happen in the span of one year and we're proud to have 3 cloud-based solutions (so far) in our suite.


  All-in-One Solutions Suite  

All-in-One Property Management & Accounting All-in-One Workflow Management & Accounting All-in-One Smart City Management

@Assist has evolved into a suite of solutions for multiple industry professionals, also known as an intelligent Business Process Management Suite (iBPMS). By utilizing an iBPMS, business owners and managers can easily gain insight into how to improve their business and reach their organizational goals.

@Assist's fancy-dancy new title also places us in the category of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. If you're not familiar with the term, we've highlighted a few key benefits of using an ERP software like @Assist:

 • @Assist's all-in-one solution means you're able to reduce and even eliminate finicky programs you been struggling with to solve individual problems.

 • Having all of your information and data stored in one location means there's less risk in losing it and less error in trying to duplicate that information across various platforms.

 • You'll have a real-time status of how your business is doing, with precise tracking and accurate records.

 • With access to all of your business' history and reports, you're able to make informed decisions to benefit your business today when it matters.

Each solution lives up to @Assist's easy-to-use standard while still giving you a comprehensive software that meets your needs. As a forward-thinking, problem-solving company, we've got so much more in store that we can't wait to show you. In the meantime, we invite you to try Sugu and Toki. It's free to get started. Just click here.