@Assist: Behind the Idea

@Assist: Behind the Idea

@Assist was founded in 2009 after years of experience in the property management industry. Property management can be both challenging and time consuming and from the beginning, we strived to create processes that would take some of a property manager's least favourite aspects of the job, such as being on call, receiving service requests and hand delivering notices, and handle them in a much more effective way.

What started off as an idea to help in some aspects of property management offline quickly grew and became a full service property management helper online. @Assist simplifies, organizes and prioritizes your daily tasks to maximize your productivity and efficiency. As we continue to grow and expand our services to assist more people and professionals in the industry we've been helping people just like you turn your properties into connected online communities. 

Over the years the industry's stress and frustrations still exist but have changed and so has @Assist. We continue to evolve and adapt to provide solutions that work. Currently @Assist does more than provide online assistance, it has transformed resident relations, online communication, organization and overall how people manage their properties in the cloud.

At @Assist, we are always open to feedback that can spark new ideas and improve our services. When features are added you'll get access to them at no additional cost. Just our way of saying thanks!

Updated Jan 9, 2017