The New Digital HQ of CBS: Metaverse

The New Digital HQ of CBS: Metaverse

The concept of a "traditional office" work environment has evolved over time, with companies increasingly shifting to virtual settings (remote work) and/or a hybrid work environment. Working in-office can lead to instances like striking up a conversation about a project, say, at the coffee machine or the watercooler, and the result is a new idea or solution. 

With remote work, conversations near a coffee machine can be challenging; however, a variety of tools are available to help teams stay connected. Our team has been successful in using remote communication tools such as Slack, Google Meet, workflow management tool Toki, and other similar tools (click here to read in detail) to effectively manage and conduct business operations. At CBS, we are always looking for innovative ways to keep our global teams connected, and one such platform we love using is Frame – an immersive metaverse platform by Virbella

Here’s what our journey into the metaverse with Frame looks like: 

CBS Christmas Party

Our leap into the metaverse world started with an innovative Christmas party planned by our CEO & Founder, Audrey Charles. Immersive customized environments were created, and treasure hunts and other fun games were organized, all within Frame’s metaverse. 

So, how does a metaverse Christmas party work? First, we had to log in to Frame (metaverse) right from a web browser and choose a personal avatar. The avatars can be customized from a range of options, or users can continue to use the default robot as an avatar. We could then move around and see the picturesque customized environments created for the event, such as our own Christmas village,  join or start conversations with team members in an enclosed space, and even watch a movie together. This unique and  high-tech holiday experience was memorable and helped bring our global teams together so we could feel more connected. 

CBS Digital HQ

The success of the company Christmas party in the metaverse led to the creation of CBS’s Digital HQ within Frame. As a company that’s always looking for innovative ways to conduct business, we created our metaverse version with features for conducting corporate events, and holding client and company meetings within Frame. We’ve found the result to be a virtual world where team members can stay connected,  ideas flow, and work gets done. We hold business meetings, internal weekly meetings, and fun trivia sessions to foster a more connected company culture and community.

We’ve customized and personalized our digital HQ in the metaverse with 3D environments that reflect our company branding and culture. All the avatars have customized clothing, hair color and style, skin tone, and accessories to choose from, depending on individual preferences. With Frame’s metaverse, teams also have the ability to give immersive and interactive presentations by sharing their slides, documents, pdfs, or even videos. Whiteboard and sticky notes are effective tools within the metaverse that we enjoy using during brainstorming sessions. 

Furthermore, it is well known that with remote and hybrid work becoming more common in recent years, employees rely exclusively on video calls or group messaging systems for communication. We at CBS are one such company that relies heavily on communication and collaboration tools, and the metaverse has positively changed the way we approach this within this immersive platform. 

We love our new digital HQ in the metaverse. Tell us what you would like yours to look like within the metaverse.