A New Time Off Management Solution On Its Way From @Assist

A New Time Off Management Solution On Its Way From @Assist

@Assist has an exciting new software in the works. The ultimate time off and holiday tracking app, Kiku, is set to hit the Slack app directory very soon. Integrated directly into Slack, Kiku combines the power of a central time off request system and team-building tools to improve organization and streamline HR managers’ roles, whether remote or in-office. 

Although @Assist is known to be quiet about features prior to a launch, a few details have been released, giving users an idea of what they can expect. Kiku will allow HR managers to approve, decline, and discuss requests from within Slack.

Time off can be requested based on categories, including vacation, sick leave,  training, and more, allowing managers to organize requests based on type and view the amount of leave time allocated to each area. The application will send notifications to team members once managers have reviewed the request, taking the guesswork out of time off approvals. 

Time off requests may be at the forefront of Kiku, but the application is more than just an organizational tool. Birthdays, work anniversaries, company holidays and more can be shared with the team on Kiku's Home and as notifications.

Gone are the days of forgotten birthdays or miscommunicated holidays. Regardless of a team’s work schedule, all members will be notified about important dates, unifying teams and allowing employees to connect outside of typical work communications. Small steps like acknowledging birthdays have a big impact on team relationships.

Other Kiku features that will be announced in more detail in the near future include status updates, time off logs, and beautifully curated dashboard features. @Assist’s recent launch of the Slack-integrated workflow management tool, Toki, combined with Kiku’s leave management powers, makes for the ultimate workflow and HR management package. 

CEO & Founder, Audrey Charles says, “As we add more applications to the @Assist toolbox, we’re excited for teams to experience the positive effect our tools have on workplace organization and culture. Kiku is our small but mighty latest addition that provides a simple solution to time off requests. Slack compatibility was the first feature we considered in the development stages of this application and we look forward to building a complete suite of workflow tools integrated with Slack and other platforms.” 

@Assist is growing quickly, and so is their impact on the software industry. Visit https://kiku.atassist.com/ to learn more about Kiku and receive an exclusive offer.

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