Extra Easy Billing

Extra Easy Billing

Did you know that @Assist allows you to bill occupants monthly easily and quickly? When we set out to make the billing section of @Assist we asked ourselves two questions:

1) How can we make a billing system that's easy to use for anyone regardless of their accounting experience?

2) How can we make a billing system compatible with all of the various accounting software and services?

Face it, accounting software is difficult. And you've spent years learning yours. @Assist works with your current accounting solution, not against it. Here's how it works:


With @Assist's system, you can easily set automatic recurring payments such as rent or condo fees and parking. Set it once and forget it!


Then just add one-off fees as well as record incoming payments. Both you and your occupants will be able to view their unit's statement in an easy to read format. If you can read your bank statement, you can read your @Assist statement. It's that easy!


At year end, simply create a report of all of your properties' accounting records with @Assist's easy reporting system and either print the records for your accountant or export them to a csv or excel file to be used for your accounting software.