Halloween Hunt 2016

Halloween Hunt 2016

We at @Assist love keeping things interesting and with Halloween just a week away, it's the perfect opportunity for some spooky fun. From Oct 25 to Oct 31, you have the chance to find fun tricks and treats and win major prizes from @Assist!

Tricks and treats are hidden throughout our website and only the savviest of explorers will uncover them. We've also hidden 5 awesome one month prizes for @Assist services (valued up to $800) and one HUGE six month grand prize for @Assist services (valued up to $4800!!!)

So you're probably wondering, "HOW DO I WIN?!"

Here are the rules:

• Tricks and Treats are hidden throughout our website. Browse our website, blog and even sign up for a free demo for more chances to win.

• While you can get tricks and treats multiple times, there are a limited amount of @Assist prizes available.

• To claim an @Assist prize you must enter a valid email address to receive your promo code. You have until Nov 1, 2016 to redeem your prize.

• Click the at the bottom left to sign up for push notifications to get extra hints and tips.

• When you've found a trick or treat, our mascot, Tom, will appear to congratulate you.

• Tricks and treats will not always appear in the same place and may even appear on pages you have already visited.

• Refreshing your browser will erase a trick so you can read our website as usual!

You can increase your chances of winning by following these helpful hints:

• Create a demo account or login into your account to have access to even MORE prizes. Requires a demo or manager account.

• Visiting pages multiple times may uncover hidden tricks and treats!

• Make sure to click the at the bottom left to sign up for push notifications as we'll be giving away daily tips.

• Share our Halloween Hunt on social media! Use the hashtag #HALLOWEENHUNT

And of course, our final piece of advice is to have fun while you're reading and learning more about your favorite cloud-based property management solution!

Find out more about our Halloween Hunt by clicking here.

Happy Hunting!