Here’s Why You Should Implement Time Tracking Software Into Your Workflow

Here’s Why You Should Implement Time Tracking Software Into Your Workflow

When employees are held accountable for their work, it leads to increased productivity and workplace satisfaction. Not only is time tracking a morale booster, but it also lets employers make smarter decisions about project timelines and deadlines. The last thing you want is to underestimate the time it takes to complete a task, especially on a tight schedule. When setting timelines for a new project, looking back at time logs for similar projects can give you a good idea of how much time should be allocated for this one. Companies that use time tracking software are able to see the amount of time spent on each task and track employee progress, which gives them a better understanding of how their business is running. 

Workflow Management

Employees input projects and tasks that they have worked on that day into time tracking software. It gives employers a clear understanding of how long tasks take to complete. Time tracking software generates performance and workload data. Employers can see what each employee is spending their time on and how much time it takes to complete a task.

Suppose an employee is spending their time on a large variety of tasks but still has not finished all of their work by the end of the day. This is an indicator that the employee may be overworked, and thus the employer can delegate some of their tasks to other team members. By lightening the employee’s workload, they are less stressed out about the amount of work expected from them and can focus more energy on completing assigned tasks in a productive way.


Time tracking software benefits employees in more ways than one. If a task or project is not completed during the workday, employees will often stay late or bring work home with them to get it done. Overtime work costs your company money and increases stress when employees feel pressure to work into the evening. By using time tracking software, you can ensure that your employees have enough time to complete their tasks during the day and can manage their time more effectively. Sometimes, tasks take longer than expected to complete. With a time tracker tool, workflow managers can collect the information required to better allocate time to similar tasks in the future.  

As a bonus, time tracking software creates a log of everything that was completed throughout the day. This is a morale booster as employees can view daily logs of their accomplishments and feel more satisfied with their contributions towards big projects and company goals.

Remote Work

The shift to remote work at the beginning of the pandemic led to a lot of companies using time tracking tools. It is often difficult to gauge employee productivity when they are working from home. Time tracking helped to combat this as companies could see what their employees had been doing all day through the software. Implementing time tracking tools when going remote ensured that productivity was not lost when working from home.

Time tracking is still a useful tool to implement as the pandemic winds down and teams shift back into the office or into some form of a hybrid workplace. When employees log their activities from the day into time tracking software, you are able to see what everyone accomplished during the day from your computer. You no longer require walking past various desks to check in on everyone’s progress; it is all right in front of you in one simple program. Viewing everyone’s daily progress is extremely helpful, especially when managing a hybrid team that may be working on different schedules.

Boost Productivity

Time tracking software can boost productivity by collecting data about the length of time it takes to complete projects. If you encounter an unexpected hitch or a task that took way longer than expected, that will be recorded for next time and you can take into consideration the lengths of certain tasks when dealing with a due date.

You will better understand how your employees are operating by seeing exactly where they are spending their time with time tracking software. If you notice an employee has put off a task for a couple of weeks because there are higher priority tasks to be completed, you can assign a due date or time frame to that specific task. Also consider reassigning some of this employee’s tasks to other team members to lessen their workload. By reassigning your tasks, you can ensure that all important work is completed. 

Employees are usually most productive in the mornings after a good night’s sleep and when their first cup of coffee is still warm in their bellies. Activity rates in the office plummet up to 45% between noon and 3 p.m. and not all employees are engaged enough to work for 8 hours straight. While your own workday may not start until 9 a.m., time tracking tools allow your employees to build more flexible schedules so that they can work while they are at their most productive. If Tom wants to start work at 6:30 a.m., he can log his completed work while you are not there so that you do not have to oversee it! The same goes for employees who would rather work in the evenings. Time tracking software allows for round-the-clock work so that you can maximize your employees’ productivity and, therefore, your company’s potential!

While time tracking software is useful for keeping employees on task and ensuring that work gets done, studies show that up to 4 hours a week are spent on unproductive tasks. Through the use of time tracking software, you will be able to see exactly where employees are spending their time and if enough time is getting spent on a task that is not beneficial to your goals, you may want to analyze how necessary it really is and scrap it if your business can do without it. 

Welcome, Toki!

Time tracking is the second most requested feature of any workflow management software, and it is available and fully integrated with Toki! Toki is a workflow management software that enables you to manage your business all in one place from the cloud. It improves communication and collaboration by having everything in one app. You can see all of your projects and divide them into tasks which you can then assign to team members.

Time tracking is located directly within Toki so that you can view all of your progress, and everyone else’s progress from one workspace. Every year, 16 days are lost searching for paper documents. With Toki, everything is kept in the cloud which increases shareability and collaboration within your team. Team members can share documents easily with each other and clients, and work on them together to ensure that everything gets completed on time. Project progress is measured through Toki’s progress bar to ensure that everyone stays on track, and you can view individual employee progress through the time tracker.

Time tracking software benefits both employees and employers in the office and working remotely. It is used to hold employees accountable, increase productivity, and reduce time wasted, both generally and on mundane tasks. Data collected from implementing time tracking software is extremely beneficial to businesses to see when their employees are most productive and quantify time spent on tasks. You will save money, reduce time wasted, and improve employee productivity and morale by implementing time tracking software.

Workflow Management Tools for Teams

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