4 Ways Property Management Software Can Help Your Condo Board

4 Ways Property Management Software Can Help Your Condo Board

Managing a condo board isn’t easy work.

You have requests coming in from all sides, all while trying to keep on top of your budget and making your community a clean, welcoming place for new owners.

Keeping track of everything that needs done with traditional paper files just doesn’t cut it anymore. Save time, money and frustration by using property management software, such as Sugu by @Assist.

This software can help you track maintenance requests, manage finances, communicate with property owners, and organize community events, all from the comfort of your office.

Here are 4 ways your job as a condo board member can get easier by using property management software:

Keep Records Up-to-Date

Chasing people down to update their phone numbers or email addresses doesn’t have to be your life.

With cloud-based property management software that all condo owners have access to, individual people can update their information as it changes. This means you’ll have fewer bounced email announcements, making sure everyone stays updated on things happening on the condo board.

Property management software such as Sugu helps not only with keeping individual owners’ records updated, but it’s great for managing the finances of the condo association.

Connect and name checking and savings accounts, automatically reconciling credits and debits. You can easily see each individual account’s balance at any time, so you know whether your board can spring for that fancy new fence around the shared pool.

Pair deposits with individual owner accounts, allowing you to see exactly who has paid their dues and who hasn’t. Just send a quick reminder email through Sugu without having to track people down all the time. You'll be amazed with how much time you used to spend doing this, now you can invest that time into being more productive with your day. 

Improve Communication

Rather than spend your days sending strings of emails back and forth just to approve an expenditure, plan a meeting, or resolve a conflict, property management software allows you to quickly communicate without mixing up messages.

Strings of messages automatically connect together, you can add notes to a specific account or task if necessary, keeping all your communication in one place.

And because your messages are easily sortable and searchable, there’s no need to spend hours searching through your email inbox to find that one missing message in an email chain.

Property management software like Sugu also helps improve the flow of communication between owners and the board, creating a more close-knit, welcoming community.

If one owner notices an issue with the sidewalk, for example, they can send a quick message to the entire condo board. The board then investigates the issue and brings someone in to fix the problem, resolving the issue quickly.

Condo owners feel heard and happy with their condo board, and board members don’t have problems stacking up in their inboxes.

Reduce Disputes

With spotty communication comes miscommunications. And miscommunication breeds resentment and anger.

Having time-stamped records of all communications, notes, and payments means your property management software creates its own paper trail.

If, for example, a condo owner submits a maintenance request for community property, then grows angry claiming their request wasn’t handled in a timely manner, you just have to turn to the property management software for the answer. You can point to exactly when the request was made, who handled the request, and the status of correcting that request.

Being able to produce a full accounting of all transactions and communications can help alleviate frustration and make for a more pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Streamline Maintenance Requests

Handling maintenance requests can feel like a full-time job.

From processing incoming requests to contacting maintenance companies, making sure everything’s done on time and under budget can be a challenge.

With Sugu, you can quickly look through maintenance requests and send them to any number of your list of favored vendors. Those vendors then receive that request and respond with pricing and their estimated fix date or reject the request.

No more time spent calling around, leaving voicemails and waiting for responses while the issue lingers.

You can even keep property owners in the loop on the status of their requests, helping them feel as if their needs are taken seriously and showing them you’re doing your job.

Click to watch, Using @Assist: A Day in The Life to see just how much easier property management can be with proper software. 

Cloud-Based Property Management Software for Condo Boards

Your condo board has a lot on its plate. No matter how many or few owners are part of your association, it can feel as if there are requests and problems every time you turn around. With Sugu, you can effectively manage all those requests, as well as all your normal business, from anywhere in the world. Track budgets, send maintenance requests, communicate with property owners, and more, all in an easy-to-use, organized platform. Try Sugu today!