8 Ways Technology Is Creating More Festive Holidays

8 Ways Technology Is Creating More Festive Holidays
8 Ways Technology Is Creating More Festive Holidays

Technology has changed every aspect of our daily lives, from how we grocery shop to how we communicate with one another. There’s hardly an area of life that it doesn’t touch.

Everyone loves making the holidays merry and bright no matter what they celebrate, and here are 8 ways technology has helped us create more festive holidays:

Programmable Light Displays

Can you imagine what kind of light show Clark Griswold would have had if he was able to coordinate his display and some music from his phone?

While programmable light displays have been available for a while, setting them up used to take hours and lots of money, as well as serious technical know-how. Thanks to advances in technology, anyone can create a coordinated light show just by downloading an app and pushing a few buttons.

This has allowed Clark Griswolds everywhere have the home lighting displays of their dreams with less time and for less money than ever before.

Streaming Movies

Everyone loves watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” around the holidays, but unless you have a DVD of this special, you used to be stuck watching it only when the TV networks chose to air it.

With streaming services, you and your family can gather to watch any movies you want - holiday or not - whenever you’re ready. If that means watching “A Santa Clause” the day after Christmas, more power to you!

Off-Season Fireworks Displays

Fireworks traditionally are a warm-weather attraction, with people sitting outdoors and admiring the booms and pretty lights.

Thanks to computer-controlled ignition systems, fireworks displays have been able to become more a part of winter holiday celebrations. Rather than have someone standing outside with a lighter to shoot off the fireworks in sub-zero weather, everything can be controlled by a computer and those putting on the display can stay nice and warm.

Longer-Lasting Holiday Lights

Burnt-out bulbs used to be a common holiday frustration. And with some kinds of lights, losing one bulb meant replacing the entire strand.

With widely available LED bulbs coming onto the market, holiday lighting displays are able to shine longer while using less energy. These bulbs can last for years, whereas older bulbs may have gotten you a couple of seasons.

Not only do LED bulbs save you money over time, they’re also conserving energy so you use less!

Quick Online Deliveries

Getting that last-minute holiday gift used to mean running out to a busy store in the cold, fighting through the crowds, and waiting in long lines.

Now, you can shop for those almost-forgotten presents from the comfort of your own home and either have them at your door in a day or two, or drive to the store for a quick pickup. This has made shopping much less stressful - and with fewer additional impulse buys! - for many people. 


More Pleasant Travel

While traveling still is a headache sometimes, especially during busy seasons, technology has made the whole experience a little more pleasant.

If you’re traveling by car, for example, GPS navigation means you don’t have to spend time planning your route and learning to read a traditional map, making getting lost a thing of the past.

Having a small computer in your pocket also makes travel much more entertaining, as you can lounge and listen to your favorite podcasts or music, watch movies and TV shows, or dig into a good book. This makes long flights or cross-country road trips more entertaining and relaxing, even if you’re stuck in traffic.

Video Calling

Sometimes you can’t all be home together for the holidays.

When a plain phone call won’t do, video calling has allowed families to come closer together even when they’re far away.

Far away family members can watch young children open their gifts, meet new family members, or just enjoy being part of the festivities even if they can’t be physically present.

Online Holiday Cards

Sending and receiving holiday cards is one of the staples of the holiday season, but it is an expensive and time-consuming part of them.

Rather than hauling stacks of handwritten cards to every friend and relative on your list, e-cards have allowed people to send personalized holiday cards in just a few clicks. This makes the holidays less stressful and less expensive, but still allows you to connect with friends and family. 

People-Centered Technology for Business

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