Your Company + @Assist = 5 Stars!

Your Company + @Assist = 5 Stars!

For a property management company, making (and keeping) your residents happy is essential. Online reviews and forums make maintaining a pristine reputation pretty darn difficult. At @Assist, we take customer service seriously and strive to turn the internet back into a positive place for you and your residents. Want to know how? Excellent customer service in property management can be broken down into the sections below:


Emails, phone calls and text, oh my! It's the long time struggle of a property manager to balance being accessible and getting some sleep. @Assist has created one place for all your communication to go. Keep your phone number and email address private while having your communication stored and filed by the person it belongs to for easy reference later on. To make it even easier, use our search feature to browse and find your looking for quickly.


You might notice that many of the calls and emails you are receiving are follow-up. "Did you get my email?" "What's happening with my service request?" "Will you come to my birthday party?" (Ok, so maybe not that last one-just making sure you're paying attention.) Imagine a world where those calls and emails aren't needed because residents can simply log in! @Assist's unique messaging system lets both sides know that their email has been read and our service request system provides all parties with the latest updates. Engage in a 3-way conversation between yourself, the contractor (yes, even they can log in) and the resident or let the contractor answer while you monitor. When there's a status change or a new note added to a service request, everyone will be notified!


It could be said that the property management industry is almost single-handedly keeping filing cabinet manufacturers in business. We pride ourselves in the Paperless Property Management Movement not just for the amazing environmental benefits but also for the sake of organization itself. Imagine this: A call comes in asking for a copy of a signed form from 2006. Your eyes roll to the back of your head as you try to picture who was handling admin at that time and in which file folder of the thousands of file folders this mystical piece of paper that you seek can be found. What if you could simply approach your file cabinet room and say "Retrieve!" and it would magically appear in your hand? We wondered this as well and implemented the quick search in your digital filing cabinet. Find the form you seek in just seconds!


Speaking of forms, wouldn't it be handy to store both template forms and the signed forms and make them accessible to whoever's applicable (including a Board if you're managing a condominium or strata)? That's just one of the languages of accessibility that @Assist speaks. Your occupants will enjoy 24/7 access to what's important. They can access and update their contact information as well as download forms and template forms at a whim! Service requests are also a breeze and they don't even need to log in to send an emergency service request.


A big challenge, especially when you're doing all the management and admin yourself, is being consistent. Creating great procedures on how to interact with your residents is just the first step. You need to follow through as well! At @Assist we try to make our interface as simple as possible so you and your staff can find their way around in an instant. You don't need to be an accountant or in IT to use our dynamic website and our Export and Go functionality lets you print or export the information you need, when you need it. Not to mention that we're adding new features constantly that will keep your business ahead of the times and ahead of your competitors. As well, and perhaps most importantly, our system enables you to keep track of potential problems before they become something talked about on the internet.

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