After the 2016 Halloween Hunt - @Assist Easter Eggs

After the 2016 Halloween Hunt - @Assist Easter Eggs

The costumes have been put away, the children snug in their beds. The candy has been sorted and the tricks and treats were aplenty...especially on our website!

If you missed out on our awesome Halloween scavenger hunt where we hid lots of easter egg goodies all over our website, we’ve kept some of them for your viewing pleasure until November 15, 2016.

Sneak Peek

See them for yourself!

Simply head to each of the links below and type “halloweenhunt” (without the quotes) to see them in their trick-and-treaty glory.

About Page

Privacy Page

Combination Property Manager Page

Resident Page

Blog Post: How to Build a Successful Property Management Company

Contact Page

My Profile Page

Blog Post: Paperless Property Management

Blog Post: How the New Mortgage Rules Affect Canadians

Blog Post: The Controversy of the @

Property Owner Page

Closed Requests Page

Real Estate Agent Page

Media Package Page

*Requires an account with @Assist for access, but you’re in luck! Sign up for free by clicking here!

Tell us what you think of our Halloween website easter eggs by responding in the comments below.

See you at our next hunt!