At Startup Grind: Quickfire Pitch

At Startup Grind: Quickfire Pitch

After a busy morning of exhibiting and investor meetings, it was finally time for @Assist to take the main stage for our Quickfire Pitch. We had received the training and felt confident the audience would fall in love with @Assist.

Our pitch was scheduled to be at 11:55 a.m. on Wednesday (Feb 22) but was delayed slightly for another speaker to take the stage. The quickfire pitches took place in small groups of about 6 or 7 companies and were scheduled between speakers. We would be allowed 1 minute to effectively introduce our company and why we're such hot stuff.

As our fearless team member Adrienne (see her blog musings here) waited behind the curtains, the nerves were starting to set in. Luckily she'd had a tête-à-tête with our pitch coach Michelle who she'd happened upon in the bathroom shortly before going on stage.

And here's the result!

We'll repost this video when the official Startup Grind video has been released.

Up next: the conference is over and the @Assist team gets a day to cool down.

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