Canadian Startup Heads to Spain for World's First Decelerator

Canadian Startup Heads to Spain for World's First Decelerator

We're excited to share our biggest news yet! @Assist Tomo has been inducted into "the world's first startup decelerator." (Yes, you read that right. We'll explain what a decelerator is in a minute.) It's an honour to have been selected as one of the top 30 sustainable startups by Menorca Millennials. Out of hundreds of applications received globally, Tomo's unique approach to connecting and supporting the people of smart cities stood out and made an impact on the judges. It's not the first time Tomo has received international attention, as we made Top 3 for the 2017 Startup Jerusalem Competition.

Menorca Millennials is a decelerator, an unfamiliar term to most as you’ve probably heard of a startup accelerator where teams cram as much information and learning into a short, limited period of time under pressure. @Assist has been invited to several accelerators since making Top 50 at the Startup Grind Global Conference in 2017 for @Assist Sugu, but it didn't feel like the right move. Menorca Millennials offers a completely different experience. Teams will spend12 days on the island of Menorca in Spain where they’ll be immersed into a relaxing environment with entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors and fellow startups to take a step back to focus on their sustainable goals.

"A select group of global tech start-ups converge on the island to pause, connect with creativity, get inspired, focus on sustainable objectives, and raise smart capital to hyper-accelerate business models with global scale." - Menorca Millennials

As an information and communications technology (ICT) product derived from @Assist Sugu, Tomo’s flexibility to integrate with various internet of things (IoT) smart technology products makes it a valuable connector that aims to act as the central nervous system of any smart city or sustainable eco community. One of @Assist’s main goals has always been to help people by making awesome and easy-to-use solutions. With so much noise being made around emerging smart cities, @Assist Tomo aims to shift the focus from smart products to the people who will actually reside in these eco-cities.

Read more about @Assist Tomo’s initiatives and plans here.