At Startup Grind: Exhibition Day

At Startup Grind: Exhibition Day

At 5 a.m. on a Wednesday while most folks were still fast asleep, we were already on our way to Exhibition Day at Startup Grind. Because we'd booked our hotel near the wrong Fox Theatre, it was an hour and a half journey to Redwood City. And we’d stayed up until 1 or 2 a.m. to ensure our display would be on point.

When speaking to the exhibitors the day before, they mentioned having a teensy bit of trouble with the internet connection. So we took our entire display offline so we didn't have to worry about connectivity issues.

We subtitled our "Using @Assist: A Day in the Life" video. See the original version below. 

And we downloaded various screenshots that would rotate on our display. We paired our display with custom made Tom (our mascot) candy tins...

and matching standing banner and voila! The beautiful end result:

As a Top 50 company, our company had the privilege of being displayed closer to the front. In fact, because of the @ symbol in our name we were right at the front! That meant Tom’s smiling face was the first thing most people saw when entering the Startup tent. Lucky!

During the day, we met about 100 people interested in @Assist as entrepreneurs, partners, investors and even potential users! Everyone was friendly and supportive and we got to meet lots of other great companies who were exhibiting like AgentBong (who we also had attended Pitch Bootcamp with) that helps families with housekeeping, childcare and elder care, Alsen that helps large buildings reduce their HVAC energy bill, and Luma Soda which is an all-natural, very low sugar soda that’s only 25 calories (coming soon in Canada!).

It was a tiring but fulfilling day for our booth tenders. Another glamour shot is below!

Next up is an important topic: Investor Meetings! There we'll be talking about how we prepared, what we said (our pitch) and how we tried to make the most of each and every meeting.

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