Water You Waiting for? Save Money On Your Water Bill

Water You Waiting for? Save Money On Your Water Bill

Water is essential to our lives like TV and good food (little bit more important but you get the idea). So, we need to know how to conserve this essential resource that affects all of mankind. Luckily, as Canadians we are privileged enough to have the largest surface area covered by water which gives us all some peace of mind. However, not everyone is in that situation. Many countries across the globe are struggling to gain access to water. 

Conserving water has many benefits aside from the the obvious, such as helping the environment out (which @Assist does too by the way). It may seem daunting to change old habits but do not fret because we’re here to help. Down below are some interesting and practical ways you can preserve water which will help save you money.  

Shower Instead of Taking Baths

Raise your hand if you love taking baths. No one is blaming you, it’s a great way to relax and calm yourself down after a long hectic day, but the repercussions of taking a bath can be a startling. It takes about 150 liters or more of water to fill a bathtub (shocking right?). So, what can you bath lovers do to help out?

Firstly, consider taking a bath once a week instead of every day. This will help save you time, money and the environment. Secondly, start taking 5 min showers instead. Add some music to your shower time so you can still be relaxed while still preserving liters of water.


Self Watering Plants

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re watering the plants and end up zoning out and over watering the plants? If yes, then you know it’s a tremendous waste of water and your time. That’s where Self Watering Planters come into the picture. These planters can ensure that your plants are watered on time and the correct amount (no green thumb needed). You have the ability to preserve water, your precious time, encourage root growth and most importantly save money. The list goes on in terms of the benefits these planters provide, they are an easy solution to help out the environment and be more efficient (just like @Assist).

Landscape Smartly

Did you know, that maintaining outdoor landscapes can consume up to 50% of your household water bill (depending on your location)? If you are shocked and worried that this may be your case don’t worry because there are ways to help upkeep your lawn while still conserving water & saving you money. The trick is to landscape in a manner that promotes plant growth while still preserving water.

1. One of the best things you can do to save water is to simply use less grass. When landscaping opt for mulch or rocks instead. This can of course help save water but also save money on your water bill, your time because you won’t have to water the rocks and it’s simply easier to maintain. If you’re someone who is low-maintenance and wants a quality backyard then this option is just right for you.  

2. Another great tip is to turn a section of your lawn into a natural meadow. If there is a corner of your backyard that is inclined you have the opportunity to turn it into a meadow or shrubby area. This is a great way to save water, money and encourage habitat for birds & butterflies.

3. Lastly, planting specific types of plants can ensure you don’t have to waste water or time (which is ideal). A great example of these low-maintenance plants are Milfoils, these beautiful flowers need to just be watered when they are planted otherwise they just do there thing and require very little attention. Milfoils are just one type, there is a long list of plants that are beautiful, low-maintenance and appropriate for Canadian weather and environment.

RainWater Harvesting

Last but not least, rainwater harvesting is an effective way to preserve water, protect the environment and save money. Harvesting rainwater is a practical and beneficial opportunity to help preserve water and reduce your water bill. There is a long list of benefits but some important ones are…

1. You don’t have to be depend on local water sources such as lakes and reservoirs which are declining in size

2. Reducing your water bill (especially in the summer)

3. Improving landscape growth while still conserving water

4. Helping reduce local flooding

By implementing this easy and effective tip you will be able to save some H20, time and most importantly, money.

When considering conserving water it may seem like a tedious task but by implementing even one of these tips, you'll be able to preserve liters of water in no time. Protecting the environment is a process that takes time but by helping out in small ways you can do more than expected. That’s why @Assist focuses on protecting the environment through small but effective steps. We allow companies to become paperless through our efficient and effective softwares that focus on Workflow Management to Property Management