@Assist Debuts International Media Kit

@Assist Debuts International Media Kit

With @Assist's global expansion, we've been exposed to new markets, demographics and media outlets throughout the world. To help our new audience better understand just who and what @Assist is, we’ve created a media kit. Now this isn’t your typical media kit. As everyone has come to expect from @Assist, we’ve made our media kit fun, animated and easy to read giving readers the opportunity to learn about what we do, how we provide value to our clients and the industry as well as why we’re different from other property management software and solutions.

The media kit was strategically designed so that the reader need not know anything about technology, property management or @Assist. Showcasing the impact our system has on clients and highlighting how specific features have tremendous benefits shows readers why @Assist is so awesome.

We want to ensure everyone is as enthusiastic about @Assist as we are and help potential clients make educated decisions when it comes to getting the support they need to successfully and efficiently manage their properties.

The kit can be viewed online via computer, mobile or tablet with our interactive flip book at atassist.com/media-package. You can also download our entire media package including our media kit, logo, screenshots, case studies and press releases at the same link.

If there are any questions or comments please contact us.

Thank you and enjoy!