Starting a New Business? 5 Reasons Why You Need Toki

Starting a New Business? 5 Reasons Why You Need Toki

You’ve done the research and work, and you’ve decided you’re finally ready to launch that new business venture. Congratulations!

Whether you’re going it completely alone or starting with a few key members on your team, setting up the right infrastructure is vital to allowing you to get your business up and running, and to grow down the line.

Part of setting up a solid business infrastructure is the tools you use. The better the tools you have for things such as bookkeeping and client information management, the better your overall business system will be.

Toki is a powerful, all-in-one platform designed for businesses just like yours. It is flexible so you can use the parts that work for you and ignore the ones that don’t, and is scalable to add more team members and clients as you grow.

If you’re starting a new business, here are 5 reasons you need Toki on your team:

Easy Organization

Especially if you’re operating a business solo, you need a well-planned organizational system to keep you on track.

From managing purchase orders and paid invoices to keeping tabs on any required certifications and licenses you need to maintain, it’s vital to your business that you know how to quickly and easily find everything. And if you aren’t a naturally organized person, this can mean a lot of trial and error and frustration as you find a system that fits your needs.

With Toki, however, you get a built-in organizational system that’s just ready and waiting for your information.

You can keep client communications, invoices sent and paid, notes, task deadlines, your to-do list, and more in one easy-to-use platform. All your information is quickly searchable, allowing you to find that email from two months ago or the invoice you sent to a client last year in seconds.

Having an organizational system already set up for you frees you up to do the important work of your business, such as serving clients or developing new products.

Better Flexibility

One of the keys to survival for small businesses is their ability to adapt and change as circumstances change.

Whether those changes come about because of an external factor such as a natural disaster or the option to jump at a new opportunity, having to pause and figure out a new way of doing things can cost your business big time.

Having the infrastructure behind your business to support your operations on a daily basis means you can more quickly respond to challenges. If you have a process for storing all client requests, it’s easy to pass that information on to someone who may need to take over your operations or to add someone into your company.

If you’re given the opportunity to attend a long-term training program that could give your business a big boost, for example, Toki’s flexibility allows you to manage your business from afar. Additionally, should you need to put one of your employees in charge of on-site operations in your absence, you can simply increase their permissions to allow that person to take over seamlessly.

Easier Growth

Even if you don’t anticipate growing your business beyond yourself or your small team anytime soon, having the structure in place to support growth is important.

While many companies plan intentionally for growth, having benchmarks and projections that they meet before adding new employees, not all growth is intentional.

If you open a new roofing business, for example, and there’s a sudden spike in demand for roofing services in your area because of a serious storm, your business may need to expand well before you intended it to. In order to fulfill all the calls for new roofs that you’re getting, you need to double your employee numbers from two to four.

Without a system that’s easily scalable to meet your needs, you may have to scramble to manage all the information about applicants for your positions, the people you hire, and their training. At the same time, you’re managing all the incoming requests for quotes, signed contracts, scheduled work, invoices that need to be sent, and all the other aspects of your business.

Using Toki, on the other hand, gives you all the necessary organization to keep track of every piece of your business while adding new people into the system.

This means less stress for you when adding new team members, allowing your focus to be on bringing those new people on board and feeling welcomed instead of wondering whether you’re letting something slip through the cracks.

Better Financial Balance

No one likes gathering all the necessary paperwork to file quarterly sales tax or to prepare annual tax returns. But if your business lacks a solid organizational and financial management system, the task can be insurmountable.

Rather than keeping your receipts for reimbursable purchases separate from the checkbook where you issue paychecks, implementing a system that keeps all your financial information together makes your business finances much easier. Not only does Toki allow you to keep your records in one place, you can also auto-reconcile expenditures for faster financial management. 

Also, being able to see all the information related to your business’s finances - budgets, financial accounts, payroll, and more - helps you make better long-term decisions. With a quick peek at your Toki account, you can see whether you have the financial margins to purchase that new suite of specialized computer software, hire a new employee, or expand your inventory. 

Improved Time Management

As a small business owner, everything’s on your shoulders. Even if you have a team of employees, you still must manage a wide variety of individual tasks to keep your business running.

If you’re not careful, it’s really easy to waste hours tracking down that paperwork or figuring out your monthly budget, to the detriment of all your other daily tasks.

Not only does having all your business information collected in one searchable platform give you more of your time back, Toki also allows you to track and monitor where you’re spending your time. Are you spending hours each day responding to requests for quotes and not actually working toward your business goals? Toki can help you see that and adjust your daily work as necessary.

Cloud-Based Support for Small Businesses

Your job as a business owner isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to feel impossible. With Toki, you can track project progress, manage finances, assign tasks to team members, respond to client requests, send invoices, and more all from one cloud-based platform. Try Toki today!,